HIMYM thoughts


Looooooonnng post ahead.

2 years late but better late than never.

Binge watched HIMYM till 1am 2 days before BT2. Worth it?

Honestly not sure where to start. Maybe because memories of the previous seasons were hazy since I watched it over 2 years and and took a long break in between.


It was amazing watching Ted go through all those relationships and yet still having hope of finding the one that he will decide to marry. All those breakups had impacted him, but only in the last few seasons had we seen how it affected him, for example his decision to move to Chicago. It was pretty annoying to see him breaking up with Robin and dating her again SO many times. Possibly because I had never really shipped him with Robin since there was no buildup in that relationship before they broke up. Ted has gone through subtle changes, still romantic but less idealistic about relationships, becoming more selfless for his friends etc. However all things considered he still is the same person in Season 1. Maybe that’s life in that people will go through subtle changes in adulthood, but in the end they will always be themselves.

Barney is THE MOST lovable character in the show for me. Done so much for Robin such as breaking up with Nora for her yet things turned out badly. I guess we should be happy for him and his daughter? Really cool guy that acts like he doesn’t care but in reality loves those around him more than anyone else. Season 9 really brought out his best qualities. The writers really balanced his love for himself and his friends perfectly.

Personally I felt pretty conflicted about Robin. She has her positives as well as her flaws. But in the last episode Robin made the decision to divorce Barney, which I find it hard to accept. Barney has totally changed who he was just to be with her, and yet she chose her career over Barney. I mean it was a tough decision but maybe I’m so worked up because the writers were really dismissive about the divorce and treated it like it hadn’t meant anything. She does have tons of touching moments though – Like how Robin has always been depicted as someone who values work over love, but there was one episode where she chose to give up her dream job to marry some guy (forgot his name). Was heartbreaking and cruel to see him dump her and take the same job instead (they both got offered the job, unbeknownst to the other). Life is ironic in that sometimes opportunities are thrown at you when you are not ready, while other times you are prepared but not given a shot at your dreams.

Lily and Marshall have always been hilarious and Marshall was amazing in the show. Taking kindness and trust in humanity to the next level. He is the model of an ideal husband, willing to sacrifice so much for Lily.  Overall I enjoyed his interactions with the gang. I found Lily annoying at times due to her childish behavior, such as taking people’s stuff when they misbehave. However, Lily and Marshall provided a lot of depth to the show and balanced  the show between fun and heart, through their love as a couple. Watched one of the interviews with Carter Bays and Craig Thomas where they said there was a point where they wanted the show to have more heart for it to be successful. And it worked out.

Overall all the characters are unique it their own ways, providing their set of personalities that made the show so exciting to watch.


The finale in my opinion was a letdown. Felt like the writers were forcing me to hold back my tears. Season 9 had so much to offer in terms of content and yet there were what felt like fillers. Also you don’t spend an entire season building up a marriage to end it in a matter of 10 seconds. Not sure if the scene where Ted gets back together with Robin is supposed to be romantic, but the buildup to it was quite pathetic and treated like a joke. Season 9 had so much potential to shed tears – Marshall and Lily living together in Europe, the revelation of Barney’s personality, Ted and Tracy (which should have more depth) and yet it was dismissed by saying that the show was in reality How I Met Your Aunt Robin, like wtf? Also have to point out that the depiction of Barney going back to his old ways was devastating for viewers such as myself. Seeing Barney slowly mature yet keeping all the traits we loved such as his flamboyant personality was probably the main point of Season 9. There was no reason to ruin it like that by filming how he was back picking up chicks and trying to complete a perfect month. At least some damage control was done by showing Barney’s love for his newborn daughter. Had 200+ legend episodes but had to dary screw up the last one?

However, negative points aside, perhaps the show serves as a reminder that although goods things doesn’t last, there will always be something else for those who hold on to their hopes. Ted got dumped, found Tracy. Loses Tracy but got Robin, which was what he had wanted for a long time previously. Marshall had a big fight with Lily over his judgeship, but learned to treasure her. Barney lost Robin, but got a daughter which he had always wanted, and that would never be possible with Robin.


Great show overall, tons of good plot points, although it should have had better buildups in Season 9 to end the series perfectly. The storyline as a whole was amazing with so many plot lines intertwined together and almost every scene is a pathing stone to the whole story.  So was it worth it? 9 seasons, 208 episodes. Definitely, every single minute.


Apologise for the lazily written posts. Maybe the writers were tired by the end and were lazy to conclude like me? My exams are in 2 days so I cut myself some slack.

Stay Awesome


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