Just finished the papers before September holidays, GP, Econs P1 and Chem P2. Was ok but econs misread a few questions that wasted me a bit of time. Writing this because I was so paranoid after Chem P2 that I have never experienced before. I had definitely set high expectations for myself and every mark... Continue Reading →



My study progress recently have been a lot slower, and my goals for prelims are set lower and lower. Been wrongly trying to rationalise my actions by thinking if I could get C's for prelims then I should be getting A's for A levels. I have been scoring better for practice papers, my math should be... Continue Reading →

Why are we rushing?

Quick thought on why are we rushing to get to the next destination in life. From the day we are born our actions make it seem as though we are rushing away from the grim reaper. We want to start school early, graduate early and enter the workforce early. What's the point? School is probably... Continue Reading →

Life as it is : Updates

1. National Day Celebration today. Our class is so unbonded lol only a third came and we only talked amongst our own group of friends. No idea how it became this way, maybe each clique think think the other cliques don't really care? Anyway I'm not going to try to fix this situation (don't ask me... Continue Reading →

Getting out of my comfort zone

Been thinking about how many experiences I had given up because I was afraid of trying something new or afraid of being judged. Thought through this when I went for a run at my condo gym today. Honestly had no idea why I haven't tried out the gym sooner since I look pretty lean and there... Continue Reading →

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