Getting out of my comfort zone

Been thinking about how many experiences I had given up because I was afraid of trying something new or afraid of being judged. Thought through this when I went for a run at my condo gym today. Honestly had no idea why I haven’t tried out the gym sooner since I look pretty lean and there is no reason to feel self-conscious (to those who don’t look fit the truth is no one is judging you, better workout now than stay that way forever). Was pleasantly surprised when the place was really empty!? There was only one other person there when I started running and another came just as I was leaving. The treadmill was really cool too as compared to the ones in schools and even comes with touchscreens O.o The view is pretty good too since it overlooks the pool and I can just watch people as I run. Ya so it was a great experience and this is one of the many times that getting out of my comfort zone has brought about positive experiences. Not sure why I’m always so reluctant to try something new even though the experiences is almost always positive. Gonna keep this in mind when I’m making decisions in the future


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