Life as it is : Updates

1. National Day Celebration today. Our class is so unbonded lol only a third came and we only talked amongst our own group of friends. No idea how it became this way, maybe each clique think think the other cliques don’t really care? Anyway I’m not going to try to fix this situation (don’t ask me why, maybe cos I’m awkward) so no point thinking too much about it.

2. Scrimmed against juniors after that and they were not bad, good game sense/skills/athleticism etc. Heard them talk about their batch problems, somehow reminded me of how we would sometimes ask the seniors about their batch to estimate where we stand. Learnt that in a sense only with experience then we can become more mature and be more knowledgeable, because we used to think our batch has so many issues and is so screwed and although every batch shared their own problems, we always thought ours were worse. In the end we all turned out ok. Juniors definitely are good but this year their opponents have a lot of club players so hard to say where they will stand. Train hard guys cos that’s the only thing in your control.

3. Been tinkering with ubuntu for the past month? Thought it was good until the annoying formatting differences when loading Word documents with LibreOffice. And before that spent so much time figuring out how to print using ubuntu. Turns out had to install drivers and made sure the printer settings were correct. Also realised my printer doesn’t support wireless printing after I wasted my youth trying to figure out how to print wirelessly. Like the workspace function and the look but other issues were just too annoying. The trouble I go to be special and unique… Go with OSX guys, have to admit I never tried it before but WorkSpace+Look and Feel without the formatting issues seems like a good combination. “New is always better” – Barney Stinson.

4. Prelims. Omg prelims. Did so many practice papers yet averaging the same score. I could swear that I got smarter after reviewing all my mistakes and making sure I do not make the same error twice. Currently averaging D for Math, D for Phy and S for Chem, which sucks so hard. Yet when I go through the papers I understand all the concepts. For Phy and Chem its always the explanations, cos I always miss out keywords. Math it never fails to come up with something crazy. Probably need to focus on keywords and definitions for phy and chem (Maybe answer frameworks?) and math just going to do more practice. Hope it goes well man, 6 years in this.

5. Just some other things. Been running again, went 3km yesterday night in like 15min? Personally I feel its not too bad since I haven’t trained in so long, but felt light-headed. My guitar has been collecting dust in the corner. Fingerstyle is SO hard to play. Also started a dream diary lol, since recently I’ve been getting dreams again, which was quite exciting, because for a period of time I’ve been having dreamless nights. Oh yeah and Pokemon Go is out recently in my region. Just spent 4hrs trying to root my phone to GPS spoof. Have rooted and unrooted a few times previously in minutes, so was really frustrated why it didn’t work this time. Long story short turns out I was on KitKat previously and currently upgraded to Lollipop. Lollipop has an annoying reactivation lock thing that needs to be unchecked for rooting to work. Couldn’t uncheck it, maybe because I rooted before so some ToS was voided. Figured I might need to to reflash a KitKat ROM to root which would factory reset my phone. Gave up cos ain’t got time for that.



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