Why are we rushing?

Quick thought on why are we rushing to get to the next destination in life. From the day we are born our actions make it seem as though we are rushing away from the grim reaper. We want to start school early, graduate early and enter the workforce early. What’s the point? School is probably the best point of our lives. I know it can’t be possible to stay in school forever because we need to get a job to support ourselves, but if we have a choice to stay an additional year because we are not ready for graduation (Grades etc.), why try to rush out? We are going to spend 30+ years of our lives in the workplace anyway, so is there really a need to start a year early? That is provided our parents can afford to support us for an additional year, which most in developed countries can afford unless we are in university, where fees are way too high.

This additional year gives us ample time to cope with our studies and enjoy our hobbies. Downsides I see is that we will lose touch with most of our friends since they will graduate and move on. But many are going to split up and go to different universities anyway, and even if they are in the same university they might not be in the same course. Another downside is that if too many people does it, it will affect growth of an economy since not enough people will be entering the workforce. But since most countries have a larger workforce than number of jobs available, it shouldn’t be a problem.

So from birth perhaps we were never being chased by the grim reaper, but by rushing through the different stages of our lives, it is as though we are running into its waiting arms.


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