My study progress recently have been a lot slower, and my goals for prelims are set lower and lower. Been wrongly trying to rationalise my actions by thinking if I could get C’s for prelims then I should be getting A’s for A levels. I have been scoring better for practice papers, my math should be able to get at least a B if I don’t make any careless mistakes, which is really unpredictable since I’m throwing away 20marks on average per paper for no reason. My chem is starting to hit C’s on Paper 3, but have been making mistakes on questions I used to get correct due to confusion of new concepts. My physics is really worrying me right now, used to be my strongest subject but for some reason I can’t seen to score beyond a D on Paper 3. Started on my econs yesterday. Hopefully I can get a D. Plan to summarise all the notes in 2 days and start doing Case Studies.

However, what worries me is that at the back of my mind I’ve been thinking whether its ok if I don’t score well for A’s. My coach used to tell us what’s the point of setting goals if after every setback you are just going to lower them anyway. With one week left to prelims, I need to remind myself that it is not ok to score badly. This is the biggest and most important challenge of my JC life, and I have to do well. At the start of J1 I told my self to at least do well for CCA and A Levels. Did ok for CCA, could be better but was satisfied with the results. Been really distracted with my guitar lately and with my previous results, I should focus purely on my prelims for now. For now I only have one job and hopefully after this post I would have no excuses. The prelims goal is A for math, B for chem, B for physics and D for econs. Have never came close to this but based on what I have been getting for timed practices, its possible if I perform at my peak for every subject. I would have to.


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