Can't think of a good title so just going to use today's date. Tried to study econs but realised im forgetting everything. And getting so distracted. Gonna wake up early and do some essay plans for prelim and A Level papers. Then complete 2013 chem paper 2. Starting to hit As on practices but still... Continue Reading →


Not in this Lifetime Tour?

Guns N' Roses are coming soon and I'm deciding whether I should go. Ticket prices are around $200 which is pretty expensive and I can't think of anyone around me who is into this kind of music. Might have to go alone which is damn awkward.

Life #3 (2 weeks before A’s)

JC is over and it feels like a microcosm of life. These last 6 months were really all work and very little time was invested in anything else. If this is what the working life is about, then I probably would regret spending 40 years on something that is important, but not something I love.... Continue Reading →

Life #2

Got back prelim results GP: B (moderated from C) Chem : B Phy : C Math : C Econs : D Although I didn't meet my expectations, it was a huge improvement so in a way I'm happy with my results. Right am really worried that I can't reproduce these as A's in the A... Continue Reading →

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