Life #2

Got back prelim results

GP: B (moderated from C)

Chem : B

Phy : C

Math : C

Econs : D

Although I didn’t meet my expectations, it was a huge improvement so in a way I’m happy with my results. Right am really worried that I can’t reproduce these as A’s in the A levels. Still a lot of careless mistakes and losing marks due to confusion when doing the easier A level papers. Getting low B’s now which is pretty bad.

Anyway bought new strings today…


… and it sounds like MAGIC. Holy shit. My old strings were rusty and disgusting and sounded so muddy. Went to 2 christofori stores to find strings but they were out of stock. Finally decided to travel further to Yamaha to get strings and they got me this. Was really lucky looking back cos christofori sells olympia strings which I think isn’t as good as d’addario ( very biased opinion and is unsupported since I have never heard of Olympia strings).

Yup so that’s all. Full steam ahead for A’s now.


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