Life #3 (2 weeks before A’s)

JC is over and it feels like a microcosm of life. These last 6 months were really all work and very little time was invested in anything else. If this is what the working life is about, then I probably would regret spending 40 years on something that is important, but not something I love. To be honest at this stage I’m still not quite sure what I love or want to do later on in life. I plan to get an electric guitar after A’s but the idea of jamming everyday alone seems pretty boring. Might want to find someone else to play with.

But over these 2 years I feel that the other reason why so much time spent on studying is that we fear doing things that are deemed as irrelevant or has no end goal, and also because doing nothing makes us worry(at least for myself). I want to jam everyday, but that is probably not going to take me anywhere. Studying, however dry it may be, takes us places. We study because of the hope that it will be useful in the future. But there are two sides to consider. On one hand it ensures that we do not starve, and it opens doors for us in the future. However, living for the future is sad in that when we look back, we haven’t really enjoyed life. I think it is important to find a balance between living for the future and living in the moment. Haven’t really gave any serious thought to what I would be doing after A’s.

Bought 2016 Other JC Prelim papers yesterday and it was one thick stack. 14 papers total for phy and chem. Probably going to do 2-3 chem papers and maybe 3 physics papers + TYS and hope it is enough.

I like how I always feel that I have something to blog about but when I try to put it into words, there’s just so little content.


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