Adventure 29/11/16

Got a last minute call to go exploring. Went for lunch first at Telok Blangah food court, which was a 1 hour travel. ┬áThe adventure had 3 parts. We started by climbing Keppel Hill and decided to go Sentosa to see Fort Serapong after that. Went 2 places in Fort Serapong. The Keppel Hill part... Continue Reading →



Really lazy 2 days when Im supposed to be studying physics and econs. Finished my Math. Paper. Paper 1 around 70 and Paper 2 around 82. Average 76 not sure if that is good enough for A. Damn unmotivated cos it feels like my Chem and Math can be A so probably around 2 As... Continue Reading →

1st week in review

Just finished Chem p3 today so am going to talk about this week's tests. For GP, essay went a bit haywire, didn't read the qn clearly so arguments were a bit off. But in the conclusion I tried to link back to the qn, not sure if that's good enough. But shouldn't be worse than... Continue Reading →

1 more day

This is written 1 day before GCE A Levels. Finally man waited so long to get this shit over with. Don't feel as prepared for physics although it's supposed to be one of my stronger subjects. But there's just so many qn types that makes it hard to capture the marks. Anyway for As, I... Continue Reading →

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