1st week in review

Just finished Chem p3 today so am going to talk about this week’s tests.

For GP, essay went a bit haywire, didn’t read the qn clearly so arguments were a bit off. But in the conclusion I tried to link back to the qn, not sure if that’s good enough. But shouldn’t be worse than a B probably. For paper 2 the short answer qns wasn’t easy, and summary had to throw out some points cos not enough words. AQ was not bad I think. Expecting B

Math Paper 1 was bad. expecting 70/100. Did a lot of stupid stuff and really need to push for Paper 2.

For chem, expecting A. Paper 2 was hard but I didn’t screw up that badly. Expect around 75. Paper 3 was damn easy, expecting around 85/100. Left Paper 1 just aiming for 35/40 to secure an A.

Have econs tuition 2moro. Hope econs get at least a B. For phy really hoping for an A although not very confident.


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