Really lazy 2 days when Im supposed to be studying physics and econs.

Finished my Math. Paper. Paper 1 around 70 and Paper 2 around 82. Average 76 not sure if that is good enough for A. Damn unmotivated cos it feels like my Chem and Math can be A so probably around 2 As and dont want to care about Phy and Econs anymore. Sadly Math isn’t really a safe A so probably need that A for Physics. Would be really shocked if my Econs can make it since I’ve been so lazy.

Trying to bulk. Not a good time to start cos I probably only have 3 weeks before going overseas and 1 more week after that before NS. But NS is probably just going to waste 2 years of my life. Is book out good? Cos I want to do something else with my time so if booking out gives me that flexibility then I would hope to get to book out. Anyway been eating 5 eggwhites and oatmeal everyday in addition to the 3 meals. Still not hitting the calorie and protein needs but just gained 1.5 kg in 2 weeks.


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