Adventure 29/11/16

Got a last minute call to go exploring. Went for lunch first at Telok Blangah food court, which was a 1 hour travel.  The adventure had 3 parts. We started by climbing Keppel Hill and decided to go Sentosa to see Fort Serapong after that. Went 2 places in Fort Serapong.

The Keppel Hill part was unexpected, because the initial plan was only to visit Keppel Hill Resevoir.


(Really bad photo because I didn’t bother to retake). Anyway I didn’t retake because it was seriously damn lame. Took like 10 minutes and had nothing to see. So we decided to continue walking up the hill so that our time was not wasted.

This path had a few ant colonies which we had to step over. None of us wore long pants lol and within the 5 of us no one remembered to bring an insect repellent. So we just fed the mosquitoes there for around 3-4 hours. S.Onn even wore canvas shoes with no socks.


Saw a fenced-off big tree…


And a fallen branch.

There were some steep paths too that I didn’t photograph. But we eventually made it to the top.


This was in front of some restaurant.


Which people are supposed to get up using the cable car lol.



The view was REALLY good.

We were really lucky that there was actually civilisation at the top of the hill. Would not have enjoyed the long trip back down. Especially since the steep hill made it easier to go up then to go down.

This took us around an hour, but since it was around 2.30-3pm we didn’t want to end it just yet. Since we are quite near to Sentosa, we decided to go there too. Only on the way to Sentosa then we decided to go to Fort Serapong.

We took the monorail to Beach Station and the initial trip was by tram. But that got us nowhere near Fort Serapong. The rest of the journey was by FOOT, which was really stupid and we should have rented a bike or something. I changed to slippers and by the end of the day when I got home the bottom of my feet became the colour of my slippers, and my slippers had dents from the bones in my feet due to all that walking. And it hurts. So wear proper shoes guys.

On the way there, we passed by the Serapong golf course, which looked amazing. We took a break at Hole 1 and saw 2 Rolex clocks, and we haven’t even gone into the course yet.

Also passed by some satellite dishes which were huge. And a radio tower (?) which is freaking tall.

Anyway we finally got to Fort Serapong.


Some vandalism on a building beside the path to the Fort.


Broken staircase. We didn’t go down though because there was nothing below that we couldn’t see from the top.


It looks much deeper in real life than in the picture.


Walked further in to see this. I really need to take better photos but basically this is a circular crater with a diameter of around 10m and 1.5m deep.

Overall, this path was really short so we decided to continue further down the road. We were following some other guy’s blog and he said there was a “climbable tree” in the distance. Again sorry guys didn’t take a photo of that climbable tree. But that tree was around 30 degrees from the horizontal. But it was over the cliff so if you slipped and fell it would probably mean a trip to the hospital. Wasn’t high enough to kill you though but it was like a normal grassy hiking path. Ya we didn’t climb it.

Further down the road was some PUB place. I don’t have the photos that we took here when I’m typing this, its with S.Onn probably. Edwin’s DSLR ran out of battery after the second location. But went into the jungle here and there were ants everywhere. much more than Keppel hill. It was really crazy. We climbed up an abandoned house in the middle of the forest just for the heck of it, since we had to end the trip soon as it is getting late, and none of us had torch lights. Wouldn’t went to spend the night in the forest.

So we came out and got to Sentosa Cove. Ogled at the lifestyle of the rich. They had yachts and shit. In normal neighbourhoods we see stray cats but in Sentosa Cove, there were STRAY PEACOCKS wtf.

It was a REALLY REALLY long walk back and we couldn’t get on the bus because they don’t accept student card. But thankfully, we flagged down a pickup truck, the kind that foreign workers ride in and they brought us to Harbourfront Station LOL. Really really cool since I have always wanted to ride in one (weird cos people usually want to ride in Lambos and Ferraris but I wanted a ride in the back of a pickup truck). At Harbourfront Station we jumped off and people looked at us. That was a highlight man.

Ended the day by going to City Square Mall to get KFC. Memories of training cos we train at Farrer Park Fields last time and would go to either City Square Mall or Dhoby Ghaut  or Novena for dinner.

Lastly went to Decathlon to buy some cheap stuff. I went back myself after shopping with S.Onn, Y.J, Edwin and Chong after a while cos I wasn’t planning to buy anything. Stopped at Hougang Mall though to get new slippers for $9.90. Expected to pay $15 so was pleasantly surprised. Yup so that’s it. Really fun day and glad that I didn’t hesitate for a second when I got the message from Yin Jie to join them.

Random thoughts that I couldn’t fit into the post:

  1. We stared at the ground for most of the trek to search for places to place our feet.
  2. Dinner was pretty awkward like we knew each other quite well (I didn’t know Chong as well as the others though), but couldn’t find much to say.
  3. We might do this for 2 years in NS 😥

Would definitely do something like this again, but hopefully not in NS, cos its probably a different feel. Yup so its a really fun day that I would otherwise waste by rotting at home.


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