Halfway through BMT

Been very lazy to blog now and thought I should at least do 1 before field camp. The first day in Tekong was the most depressing and it honestly felt like I was walking into prison, everyone wearing the same clothes and all the recruits having shaved heads. Confinement week was ok but we are just doing the same few activities over and over again. Plus getting punished by commanders and instructors for not echoing etc. Commanders in our coy is quite balanced, not that bad but also not very welfare. Could have been worse. Couldn’t have asked for better section and platoon mates. Our section doesn’t have any annoying people which is really a blessing considering the odds. The platoon is nice too.

Just threw my hand grenade yesterday and enjoying my 24h bookout. Personally I didn’t feel anything for the HG, people talked about being scared or nervous but for me it waqs just like throw and go. I’m honestly a pretty emotionless person.

BMT have made me realise that I do things slow, like not hopelessly slow but still I take my own sweet time and is really afraid of anything troublesome, like packing/ everything off everything on. I am also a bit blur at times and need to ask around for what to do. These are the only 2 things that I’m worried will hold me back from command school. SITest is next week and hope I don’t blur out or something.


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