A Level Results Day

Bought a new shirt, pair of shoes and a cap for this day. Went with my buddy Javier who also had to go Nex to meet a girl.  I think it looked quite step, probably is.

Honestly I had no feelings of stress, just a bit of uncertainty which is annoying. Maybe it’s because I’m pretty confident, which I am, or maybe I don’t really care anymore at this stage, which I don’t.Went to school to pay library fines and it was actually nice to see schoolmates around dressed in civillian clothes for once instead of in uniforms. Had to go to the library to pay some fines before I can collect my testimonial. Dr Hon gave some speech which I didn’t bother listening to so I had no idea what happened in the hall. Regretted that slightly.

When my CT handed me my results, he said he was very proud of me which was a pleasant surprise. I mean it’s not surprising because I was kind of certain that I did okay but it’s nice to get a confirmation before I received my results. Turned out I got 3 As and 2Bs, in GP and Physics, which was unexpected because I thought my Phy would be A while my Econs would be B. Anyway although I wanted more, just like how I always wanted more, 87.5 UAP is a more than decent score in my opinion given how late I started studying. Definitely happy with it, although a part of me still hoped that my Physics was an A so that I can apply for engineering scholarships. Not sure whether to apply now or wait for a mid-term scholarship.

Found a slight typo in my testimonial which I’m unsure whether to change or not. Oh yeah the testimonial is also full of lies after my CT edited it so not sure whether I have to explain it in interviews.

To be honest I wanted to talk to some people and know more about what they are doing now like my classmates and teammates, but never got the chance to. Not sure how to put it but feeling a bit empty after getting results although I’m fine with it. Just wanted to connect to people that I once knew I guess. Sad fact in that our lives are like 2 straight lines that only meet once, and will probably never see each other again.


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