Movie and Lunch

Went to watch Logan today with section mates. The little girl who was created with Wolverine’s DNA or something was DAMN cool. I felt that the movie in general was lacking depth. It was telling a story but after the movie there was a feeling of emptiness, not the satisfied kind but those that make you feel that something was missing and it left something to be desired. Yeah but there were some action scenes that was exciting. A worthy watch but not the best in my opinion.

After the movie we went for lunch at chabuton. Ramen was $13.90 but service charged spiked it up to $16.30. The food was good but not very filling

Went to OCBC FRANK to create my FRANK account and realised I could create my securities account too. Honestly I still have no clue on investing but feel like there’s no point reading more books without understanding the platform and how it works. Anyway I’m buying ETFs so there’s next to zero risk involved.


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