Obligatory blog post to mark the end of my BMT journey.
When I first set foot on Tekong, it was no doubt one of the lowest points of my life since I had so much planned such as learning guitar and investing, and yet I’m stuck on an island doing things that would probably be of no use after 2 years. Still remembered how the lyrics of “Another Brick in The Wall” by Pink Floyd was playing in my mind as everywhere around me it was just recruits with the same haircut wearing the same green clothes. It felt like prison.

Now that I have graduated from Tekong, I can’t say that I would choose to go through these 2 years when given the choice, however this journey was definitely not a waste of time. I am thankful for being in a section and platoon with mostly interesting and nice people (minimal wankers) and be able to understand the culture across JCs. The experiences in field camp going through uncomfortable situations has prepared me for army life in general. Like I have changed into wet and smelly clothes at 4am in the morning so I could go through this. Don’t think it prepared me to push myself through non-physical tasks like studying or something though. And unlike what others believe, I doubt I have become more disciplined. But it probably helped in a way that I can tell myself I am able to get out of bed/finish a meal in 5min. Like it helped me set a benchmark for my speed in a sense.

BMT honestly wasn’t really a challenge since I was fitter than the majority before entering (but still missed gold by 1 point T.T). There were uncomfortable experiences but our company was quite welfare and it wasn’t that bad, commanders are really nice too. Ya so hope the future holds something more exciting and meaningful as well.


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