Learning about triads

Okay decided to either increase the quality of this guitar log or make it private since it can get quite spammy for my (insignificant number of) followers. Wanted to make this log on wordpress at first to post recordings and stuff so I can listen to my progress but apparently wordpress does not allow the uploading of video and audio for free plans, which is stupid and unnecessary.

Anyway today I worked a bit on speed. Realised I have a lot of trouble following the metronome. Either because I have been playing to 16th notes for too long and hadn’t been playing to eighth notes or my sense of rhythm is just bad at this stage. Ya my sense of rhythm is still bad, having difficulties tapping my foot while hearing out for the drums in the backing track while soloing. Don’t have much issues following a metronome though. Concluded that it’s because the backing track has too many noises that I really have to concentrate to find the beat of the drums. Need to practice more.

My Hotel California solo is looking much better, can play the first section less sloppily at full speed. Only problem now is that I can follow the metronome but not the backing track. Need to work on that.

Also tried to understand some theory today, like triads and triad inversions. I know what they are but is still unclear of how to use them, or improvise using them. Will also need to put in more effort to memorise notes on the fretboard since I’m still pretty slow at it.



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