Fight Club

Am going on a movie marathon these few days and have just finished watching Fight Club.

Speechless after the movie. Throughout the movie I was confused, and kept watching thinking that it would lead to answers. The ending was just wtf? Honestly I am still clueless about what the movie is about, but I am starting this log to jot down my thoughts and my own analysis of movies before I read others’ online, so I will try my best. Have no promises about the quality of this post since I myself am still in deep confusion.

Basically I feel that there are 2 main themes to Fight Club. The first is against materialism. All these things we are chasing after, money, cars and in Edward Norton’s case furniture, they mean northing in the long run. In the short term we gain satisfaction, but in the end so what? The things we want doesn’t change us. We could live in a small apartment or a large house but in the end they mean very little. Materially, we just need enough. Any more and the Law of Diminishing Returns will begin to apply. Read somewhere that we should spend our hard-earned cash on experiences, not things, and this could be what Fight Club is about.

The second theme is to be able to break free and commit to pursue the lives that we want, we have to hit rock bottom first. While this is not true, it is infinitely easier to just heck care and chase our dreams if nothing was at stake. If I was going to die soon, I would pick up my bags this instant and go for a trip around the world. But with responsibilities and so many things at stake, we are being chained to our everyday lives that we may or may not enjoy.

There are seriously a ton of things that I don’t understand in this movie, why Tyler wanted to create Project Mayhem and also what the ending was all about. Would have to go online to read others’ opinions. But personally I feel it’s just Tyler’s way of getting others to lose it all so that they can be set free, just like how he forced the guy to pursue his passion of becoming a veterinarian.

Last thing to add when Tyler was forcing Edward Norton to answer what he wanted to do if he died by driving through opposite traffic, Norton replied that he honestly do not know. Maybe all this was done because Norton (Tyler) do not have a sense of purpose in life and he just do not want to see others be lost like himself?


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