Forrest Gump

Really quick review of Forrest Gump. No drafts, just first thoughts.

In my opinion the movie Forrest Gump is more of a series of shorter stories put and eventually linked together instead of one big film production. It is filled with significant events that defines the history of the United States in the period of 1960s and beyond. Events include the Vietnam War, hippie movement, the Watergate Scandal and assassinations of many prominent political characters and musicians such as John Lennon who is a musician and also an activist.

Forrest Gump is , unsurprisingly, about Forrest Gump, a simple man with an IQ of 75 that follows all orders given to him. Forrest also acts as the narrator of the movie, and the world is seen through his eyes. His simplicity as a person is shown when all the significant and terrible events such as the war are downplayed. While many considers his lack of intelligence a disability, he managed to luck out and be so successful by following what he is told to do without questioning the practicalities. Although there is no way anyone can be so lucky in real life, I find that in life it is usually the smarter people, those with more common sense and who thinks too much, who is often unhappy. It is not something we can choose, unlike in The Matrix where Neo can choose between the Red and Blue pill, we are born like this.

This contrast is shown between the differences in the characters of Forrest and Lieutenant Dan. Lt Dan sees the world in a different light. He wants honor, and would rather die than to lead a life as a cripple. Honestly I might too. I consider Lt Dan and all the other characters to be “enlightened”, in that they see the world in a more complex way as opposed to Forrest. The movies depicts that the simple life is a better choice, having no responsibilities and care for the mess all around them. This offers a different perspective from The Matrix which tends towards the Red Pill and tells the audience that it is better to suffer with the truth than to live in blissful ignorance.

Jenny is a character that is swept by the hippie movement in around the 1970s. The movie somehow explains how the movie occurred. If you place yourself in Jenny’s shoes, everything is messed up. Fate is playing around with you, taking all you have. The world is a really chaotic place too at that time. Along the way comes the hippie movement, giving all the teenagers and young adults at that time a sense of purpose with the anti-war movement and all that. You could also see it as an escape, a safe haven with the drugs that allows you to forget all that pain – the Blue Pill, if you will. That is probably the best explanation in my point of view.

I’m not a huge fan of romance, so the rest of the romance part is just Jenny feeling as though she is not good enough for Forrest who loves her unconditionally while she is just so messed up. Hence she tries to push Forrest away in order to not hurt him or disappoint him.


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