Meet up and IJC 2017

Met up with the class gang on Friday. Went to eat and talk about lofe and things happening around us. Melvin got MP and got Enforcement Unit, getting ready to stay out. Damn lucky. Carey got Gedong and heard quite rabak. And thats basically his life for 2 years since there is no escape from Gedong. Yj got gedong too as combat engineer. He lives in CCK so not that bad.

We ate and then went AMK find Melvin with his friend. Went up some shady lift but the LAN and pool place was actuslly damn bright and spacious. Called Big Mac place or smth.

Went back with Uber and the driver was quite cool said she was some photographer’s assistant and work was slack and flexible so she drive Uber on the side.

IJC’s juniors got 3rd. They fking good was honestly thinking they could have been champions. Went 6-4 against PJ which was really close. But PJ this year didnt seem as dominant as last year. Was really a feel trip since it’s somewhat a throwback to JC life. Like now that I looked at them I realised I’m not young anymore. School’s great and I kind of wasted all my school days doing nothing. There’s 4 more years of uni coming up so it’s not officially over yet but still the atmosphere will probably be different since I am likely to be damn busy and cant just hang around like in JC or high school. Thinking of going back to ultimate too but havent plyed in damn long and lost a lot of what I used to be able to do. Also the schedule in uni will be packed so still unsure if that is the right choice. Anyway it’s nice to see my juniors play and to catch up with some teammates which I havent seen in a long while.

Didnt get to see 11th play though. And was surprised to see 8th there. And a bit embarrassing they had more ppl going to support than our batch.


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