Book Review/Summary: Blood, Dreams and Gold: The changing face of Burma

Rough Timeline -Conquered as a British colony and ruled under Indian administration which angered locals because they are ruled by a colony, which makes them the bottom of the food chain. - Formation of the Plural Society in Yangon (Rangoon) where people from countries around Burma settles here to trade and set up businesses. These... Continue Reading →


The World Values Extroverts

That's it. That's exactly what this post is going to be. The world values extroverts. Extroverts seek attention and stays in the limelight. All other things being equal, those who are louder, talks more confidently, and more outgoing are treated as the leader of a group of people. In the workplace, this allows them to... Continue Reading →


Swam 300m breaststroke continuously. Stopped mainly because my arms were kind of sore. Felt a slight CO2 buildup in my chest before I hit the 100m mark but I just decided to push on. It felt better after that lap. Technically wasn't really continuous since I take 2 breaths before continuing - 1 after I... Continue Reading →

10/11/17 + November Goals

Ok so went to The Chevrons today for some membership talk which was a waste of time. The food was good though. It's just that after the talk I felt really mentally tired for some reason and just wanted to go home and rest. Because of this I didn't go out with the others to... Continue Reading →

This Week

Supposed to blog a few days ago but have just been too lazy. Currently feeling sick, really thirsty throughout the day and my urine keeps coming out as yellow even though I'm drinking so much water. These few days have been raining so often and I feel quite cold as well. Hope I don't fall... Continue Reading →

Swimming Form Correction Advice

Went swimming this morning and happened to chance upon a swimming instructor who was just finished his lesson with another kid. Some background: He has been teaching private for a while before starting to teach at a school for 2 years. He has students that swims competitively so some trainings he makes them swim sprints... Continue Reading →

Random Conversations

Meet someone while swimming yesterday night. He started the conversation because I accidentally kicked him while swimming breaststroke. He's called Tay and is 61 years old, birthday passed in February. To celebrate his birthday he actually swam 61 laps in about 2hrs which is crazy. He asked about what was doing and gave a bit... Continue Reading →

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