Goals October

*Updating because this goal is rushed* 1. Swim 400m breaststroke and 100m freestyle continuously. Training Plan: 1. 4x100m. Rest 12 breaths between each 100m 2. 4x50m. Rest for 8 breaths between 50s 3. 2x50m. Rest 8 breaths Push on even though you are tired. Focus less on form (for now) and speed. Tip: If really... Continue Reading →


Underslung Livetask

Underslung Livetask was on 27/09/17. Extremely cool experience. Woke up early in the morning to draw arms then proceed for breakfast, then moved out to Lam Kiong. There was a short but heavy rain before the livetask which made all of us drenched. Really annoying and I got kind of lazy and a part of... Continue Reading →


Swam today at Khatib Camp. Was so tired even though I only did 600m, resting after every 50m. Stamina has really dropped. Tried diving at the 4m spot but couldn't even get down. Maybe me think that I should go somewhere with weaker currents.

Plans Aug 2017

1. AHM 10km 2. First Batch 3. Invest Decided to start goal setting because I'm kind of drifting in life right now. These few days I have been questioning my uni choices. Unsure whether I'm going to the correct university, unsure whether I'm taking the right course. Comp sci seems interesting in that you get... Continue Reading →

Cycling + BK + Dunkirk

Went night cycling yesterday with JC gang around MBS. Really beautiful place honestly. Makes me wonder why I never went there at night before in so many years. MBS feels like a foreign place that is not a part of Singapore, it is spacious and quiet. Tried the oBike which is a great concept. Since... Continue Reading →

Meet up and IJC 2017

Met up with the class gang on Friday. Went to eat and talk about lofe and things happening around us. Melvin got MP and got Enforcement Unit, getting ready to stay out. Damn lucky. Carey got Gedong and heard quite rabak. And thats basically his life for 2 years since there is no escape from... Continue Reading →

Forrest Gump

Really quick review of Forrest Gump. No drafts, just first thoughts. In my opinion the movie Forrest Gump is more of a series of shorter stories put and eventually linked together instead of one big film production. It is filled with significant events that defines the history of the United States in the period of... Continue Reading →

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