Learning about triads

Okay decided to either increase the quality of this guitar log or make it private since it can get quite spammy for my (insignificant number of) followers. Wanted to make this log on wordpress at first to post recordings and stuff so I can listen to my progress but apparently wordpress does not allow the uploading... Continue Reading →

Day 3

Mainly practised the solo to Hotel California to the metronome at 53bpm. Full speed is ~74 bpm. Sounds very sloppy though  

Movie and Lunch

Went to watch Logan today with section mates. The little girl who was created with Wolverine's DNA or something was DAMN cool. I felt that the movie in general was lacking depth. It was telling a story but after the movie there was a feeling of emptiness, not the satisfied kind but those that make... Continue Reading →

Day 1 (13/3/17)

So thought I would start a guitar log since I have not been seeing much progress recently. Today I spent around 20-30 min transcribing 7 seconds of the solo to Hotel California, and maybe 30min doing string skipping exercises. Lastly did some Am blues improvisation. Found a cool trick where you hit a note once... Continue Reading →


Obligatory blog post to mark the end of my BMT journey. When I first set foot on Tekong, it was no doubt one of the lowest points of my life since I had so much planned such as learning guitar and investing, and yet I'm stuck on an island doing things that would probably be... Continue Reading →

A Level Results Day

Bought a new shirt, pair of shoes and a cap for this day. Went with my buddy Javier who also had to go Nex to meet a girl.  I think it looked quite step, probably is. Honestly I had no feelings of stress, just a bit of uncertainty which is annoying. Maybe it's because I'm pretty... Continue Reading →

Halfway through BMT

Been very lazy to blog now and thought I should at least do 1 before field camp. The first day in Tekong was the most depressing and it honestly felt like I was walking into prison, everyone wearing the same clothes and all the recruits having shaved heads. Confinement week was ok but we are... Continue Reading →

Adventure 29/11/16

Got a last minute call to go exploring. Went for lunch first at Telok Blangah food court, which was a 1 hour travel.  The adventure had 3 parts. We started by climbing Keppel Hill and decided to go Sentosa to see Fort Serapong after that. Went 2 places in Fort Serapong. The Keppel Hill part... Continue Reading →

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